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QA-MISRA Release 23.10
Cantata for VSCode v2.0
Cantata 22.10, Update 3
Season Greetings
New Releases
We are pleased to announce three new releases, which are now available:
QA-MISRA 23.10
The new version focuses on practical enhancements, and aligns with the latest MISRA C:2023 standards for optimal code practices. The update ensures heightened security through TLS encryption and offers enhanced call graphs. A new diff-based comment mechanism makes the classification of findings more robust.
Further information can be found in our Paper: What's New in QA-MISRA?
Cantata for VSCode v2.0
This extension seamlessly integrates Cantata makefile tests with Visual Studio Code's Test Explorer, providing a streamlined experience for running tests and viewing results.
Key Features:

Run Cantata Tests directly from Visual Studio Code's Testing view.
View test results within various sections of the Visual Studio Code testing framework.
Support for Cantata Tests in the 'Test Explorer' within VSCode.
Get it now on the Microsoft Marketplace
Please note that a licensed installation of Cantata 22.10 Update 3 or later is required to display test results within Visual Studio Code.
Cantata 22.10, Update 3
This update supports the new version VS Code Extension and includes improvements in the Eclipse Plugins.
The new releases are free of charge for customers with a valid maintenance and support contract. You will receive these on request by emailing

Take the new releases of our automated verification tools for a test drive with your own code and development environment:

Season Greetings

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.
(Henry Ford)
With this in mind, we would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in us over the past year and look forward to continuing our successful cooperation in the new year!
We wish you and your loved ones
a blessed Christmas and a happy new year!

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